Trust Matters: A Look at the Certified Ethereum Professional Committee’s ‘Ask Anything About the CEP’ Event

The Event

On June 9th, CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) held a livestream event answering questions from community members about the Certified Ethereum Professional (CEP) exam. The CEP exam was released in May of this year, and is preceded by the Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) exam first made available in 2014.

CEP Committee

CEP committee members are: Stefan Beyer, Shayan Eskandari (committee chair), Joshua McDougall, and Andrew Warshaver. During the June 9th event, Joshua McDougall and Shayan Eskandari, along with C4’s executive director, Jessica Levesque, were in attendance.

Trust Matters

One important takeaway from this event, based on audience questions and committee responses, is that having a way to establish trust matters greatly in the blockchain industry. And C4’s certifications provide a benchmark that can be used to assess if someone is being truthful about their understanding of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

C4 is a volunteer-led, non-profit organization that was formed in 2014 out of necessity. Although many of those already in the cryptocurrency space knew the right questions to ask potential hires, those hiring without crypto knowledge wouldn’t have the tool set needed to hire candidates knowledgeable about crypto.

C4 is a neutral party that curates information provided by the crypto community and works with these volunteers to create certifications that reflect what a professional in the space should know to prove they are well-informed.

Quality matters to C4, and as Joshua McDougall, a CEP committee member and board member of C4, said, “we want to offer the absolute best technical expertise” to our exam takers and the community.

During the “Ask Anything,” Shayan Eskandari, CEP’s committee chair, explained the importance of C4’s presence in the industry. He discussed how valuable C4’s exams are, especially during the recent bull run when there is a sudden increase of so-called ‘blockchain experts’ popping up on social media. Eskandari said, “We saw this before, back in 2016 when there were so many Bitcoin ‘experts.’ One reason the CBP shined to me was because it was a certification that you didn’t need to know coding to be able to say you have a certification and that ‘I know the basics of Bitcoin. And here is the proof.’ That was pretty valuable because you can’t fake something that everyone can verify.”

C4 provides neutral benchmarks for those who want to make sure they are working with professionals who understand Ethereum and Bitcoin, and have the credentials to prove it.

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We’ll be doing a follow-up post with more takeaways from the event. If you attended and would like to share your experience, please email info@cryptoconsortium using the subject line “CEPaskanything feedback.”